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This time, I translated Java connector's section in Alinous-Core Official site. Alinous-Core is Domain Specific Language, so in the specifiyed domain, it is very easy to develop. But sometimes, it is not enough. So Alinous-Core has the Java connector, which is interface to load java class and call it from Alinous-Script. I actually used the function, for example Output PDF slipsAccess using socketEdit xml filesEdit binary filesJava has a lot of useful library and if we can use it, there is no disadvantage  for the new domain specific language. Alinous-Core has class loader to load java library file(*.jar) and resources(ex. fontfiles) dynamically. That is big merit to write Light weight language's Virtual Machine in java. ... (more)

Updated Alinous-Core IDE 2.0.18 (The server is unchanged)

Today we updated Alinous-Core IDE provided as the Eclipse Plugin. Updated Sample projectJava Connector sample projectRemove Derby database from selection pageFixed bug to connect PostgreSQLThe server module has nothing to do about it. If you are using Alinous-Core Eclipse Plugin, please select "Help" -> "Check for Updates" from Eclipse's top menu, which is on the top of the window. This update is for the lame sample projects. It was 7 years ago that I made it. Currently implementation of mew feature is going on. Especially it is about HTML5 and support to use jQuery. In documentation project, we are going to add next.About transactionTwo phase commitmentReference manual of function  ... (more)

40% of PostgreSQL Production Deployments Support Mission-Critical Apps

BEDFORD, MA -- (Marketwired) -- 06/04/13 -- EnterpriseDB, the leading worldwide provider of enterprise-class PostgreSQL products and Oracle database compatibility solutions, today announced the results of its "PostgreSQL Adoption Survey 2013," a survey of open source PostgreSQL users. Conducted by TechValidate on behalf of EnterpriseDB, the survey found that users had increased their production deployments of PostgreSQL in 2012, with 40 percent supporting mission-critical applications and 40 percent driving reporting functions. Further, the survey found that almost half the users of PostgreSQL had cut their database costs by 50 percent or more by migrating to the open source database. The findings underscore multiple industry trends that show the rising popularity of PostgreSQL. They include an increasing number of job postings for database administrators with Post... (more)

Attend PostgreSQL unconference in Tokyo on 2014 Jan 18

(this picture is from unconference introduction page shown the end of this post) PostgreSQL unconference will take place in Tokyo Japan on 2014 Jan 18. I'm going to attend it. On this unconference, presentators and speakers are not fixed. They are planning to deside that on the fly, just the day. If there are some opportunities in this event, I'm going to make a speech about Alinous-Core, and my business using it. I'm a manager of company that is a publisher of ERP software for 3PL warehouses. My software is written in Alinous-Core. So Alinous-Core language and IDE grown up with my business. Currently we can use Alinous-Core for critical enterprise software, for example. logistic, sales management, e-commerce backoffice and so on ----------------------------------------------------------------------- PostgreSQL unconference in Tokyo Japan on 2014 Jan 18 (Sorry Japanese and a ... (more)

Updated Server install information and Error handling document

Today, I updated 2 pages. download serverError handlingWe have almost finished to translate my programming language's website. But a lot of functions are added in this 7 years. So there are a little shortage about detail and necessary information to make operations easy. About server install, I added 2 pictures. On using tomcat, we can set the environment variables by making "setenv.sh". It is easy to install it. About error handling The Alinous-Core programming language has error handling function. This is necessary for back ground process which runs in the server side. If error occurs and leave the exception thrown, it will stop. ... (more)

Translation About Grammar of the Script Has Been Done

Currently, translation project is going on, and the grammar section was done. On this opportunity, I edit the source articles written in Japanese. I newly made a mind map and reorganize documents. In this internet era, it is important to show the out line of the page, section, and website. If customers can't understand what they want is in the document, they'll leave the web site. And my product is not easy for customers to understand what it is, what is the difference, whether they can use it really easily. So I think very much and decided to make  mind maps, and show it at first. Making videos is also good way to make them understood, but the most significant problem occurs before they decide to watch them. But after solving the problem, videos are very good contents. ... (more)

PostgreSQL 9.3 Released: Data Federation and Reliability

NEW YORK, Sept. 9, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- The PostgreSQL Global Development Group announces the release of PostgreSQL 9.3, the latest version of the world's leading open source relational database system.  This release expands PostgreSQL's reliability, availability, and ability to integrate with other databases.  Users are already finding that they can build applications using version 9.3 which would not have been possible before. (Photo: http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20130909/MN75237) "PostgreSQL 9.3 provides features that as an app developer I can use immediately: better JSON functionality, regular expression indexing, and easily federating databases with the Postgres foreign data wrapper. I have no idea how I completed projects without 9.3," said Jonathan S. Katz, CTO of VenueBook. Writable External Data Version 9.3 makes PostgreSQL's Foreign Data Wrappe... (more)

Alinous-Core for PostgreSQL Eclipse plugin registerd in Eclipse Marketplace

 Alinous-Core for PostgreSQL has registerd in Eclipse Marketplace. Alinous-Core is listed in the Database Development category, because it is for PostgreSQL users to develop web application very easily. Currently, PostgreSQL upgrades rapidly and new functions about data structure is inreasing. So I have to study them and add function into Alinous-Core.   ... (more)

Eight Things to Make a Web Application

Translated 8 things to create a web application. Portlet Connect SQL and HTML Validator Custom validator Basic authentication Form authentication Upload file Make RSS The basic logics to know in order to create web application is not so many. By learning these things you can create most of web applications. For example, cms, ranking site, original hp, business applications using database, and scheduler and so on. By using ajax framework written in Javascript, you can make one with rich UI. Now a day, Javascript libraly like jQuery is very easy to use. Recently, the difference of qualitiy between web applications is decided by the design, the user interface, and idea. By knowing it is very easy to make basic parts of web application, you can concentrate on these important things. The translation of tutorial has been done ! http://alinous.org/html/documents/tutorial.html ... (more)

Next function to implement is Rich UI(Roadmap in the future)

Recently, rich client with jQuery is popular. Actually I use it in my work. And I think rich user interface reduce the task of user support. But sometimes to make it is tough work to the programmer. So I think it is very efficient to support jQuery parts with Alinous-Core. I'm going to support Excel handlingProgress bar and background jobDynamic load of the contentsForm validation by JavaScript At first. In the near future, I'm going to make samples of such functions and release it. ... (more)

Started making new samples about RichUI design pattern

Now, I've started to make new sample project. Ofcource it will be free download. It will be included in Alinous-Core IDE, and make it with new project wizard. If we prepare design patterns of Rich UI, we can create high quality application soon. I'm using jQuery library. The Javascript and server-side program co-work well, Ajax dialogTree ControlProgress barAutocompleteare very useful. Once you understand how to use it, you can use the knowledge again and again. I think the samples should be simple. I will also make comprehensive and kind document in the developer section, newly. ... (more)